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Company Profile

HAUS FARGEN started first with balcony glazing systems and the EKASE glas brand in this sector. With glass balconies, winter garden and retractable glass roof applications until 2012, we have entered the motorized retractable rail awning sector in 2012 with the HAUS FARGEN brand.

Since the beginning our company focused on safety and quality and began 2014 with the production of aluminum profiles and plastic induction.

Our Vision

Becoming an international company by gaining power through teamwork, aiming for leadership in every area and by turning values into success.

Our Mission

To improve our brand image and market share without compromising our core values, by combining strong knowledge with technology and creating a difference with our products and services.

Environmental Policy

Providing measurable and continuous improvement in every possible area regarding environment

To determine the environmental aspects, to identify the types of environmental impacts and damage

To minimize pollution and waste and to reduce the impacts of hazardous waste to a minimum to ensure the elimination

Pollution and minimize waste and hazardous waste to ensure the elimination of the reduced our minimum environmental impact

To provide continuous training for employees and subcontractors and to encourage them to practice these principles

Setting goals and reviewing them annualy to explain the progress in this context

To continuously improve our environmental management system in the light of these principles

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Whether awnings with or without cassette, or pergola systems. Whatever your choice is the engine was produced for you with an easy to use future to meet your needs in the best way. It is produced for you depending on customer needs or project requirements. You can make the most appropriate choice depending on customer or project requirements. You can make your selection by various criteria like torque performance (Nm) and output speed (rpm), diameter of the tube, electronic or mechanical limit switch or an integrated wireless control feautre.

Blackout Awning Fabric

65 % POLYESTER 33 % COTTON Blackout fabrics are usally also used as blackout curtains in hotels, hospitals and show halls. The aim of the blackout curtain is to make the room pitch-dark while the second aim is to keep the room cold against the sun. The reason it is preferred as an awning fabric, is its maximum cut of the sunlight and the way it keeps the living quarters below cool. It is ditinguished from other fabrics by having a three dimensional pattern and a resistant touch. This fabric is especially used for awning productions with rails. It does not offer a lot of color choices, but it is long-lasting. It is sun and rain proof, does not smell or algae. Of course the price is quite expensive compared to the other types.

Commonly used color codes (RAL) in aluminum profiles

Ral 9005



Ral 8007


Ral 1013


Ral 7005


Ral 7006

Grey Beige


Unlike other paintings static paint technique is solvent-free where powder paint particles are applied on the desired surface by a spray gun with an electrostatic charging.


Warranty Coverage

Engine: Our engines by German Becker brand are guaranteed by the company for 5 years. Engines which were not dismantled by our service remain out of warranty.

System: If there is no deliberate user intervention our set up systems are warranted for 2 years, the imperfect working or not working of the warranted product is going to be evaluated.

Delivery Time

After confirmation your order will be prepared and our team will come and complete the product installation within maximum 15 days.

How To Calculate The Price

For the calculation of the price the total M2 is found by multiplying the expansion and the total length. The M2 price is changing according to expansion and the length. For the calculation of the retail price you can use our Instant Price Calculator on our website.




1 – HAUS FARGEN systems are manufactured in HAUS FARGEN facilities according to ISO9001 quality standards and the latest technology. The system design, aluminum constructions and all accessories are our patented products.

2 – The fabric type used in our HAUS FARGEN products has a PVC based 3D blackout membrane feature and is an imported ICA brand.

3 – HAUS FARGEN engines and automated assembly systems are GERMAN BECKER brand. All components used in engine blocks are special designed and our patented products.

4 – HAUS FARGEN systems are retractable roof cover (moving roof) systems all made from aluminum components moving on vertical rails and consisting of horizontal axis.

5 – HAUS FARGEN systems are designed and suitable for all 4 seasons of weather conditions.

6- HAUS FARGEN systems have widespread use as winter garden with its lateral parts covered with folding glass, sliding glass or aluminum joinery and a retractable roof cover feature.

7-HAUS FARGEN systems aluminum metal parts have no color restrictions. Every desired RAL color can be produced as electrostatic powder paint, you can also obtain every color in the wood-like transformation processing color chart. (Special Texturing-relief) is our routinely applied paint standard.

8-HAUS FARGEN systems are resistant to 25 cm of snow load and 120 km / h wind speed.

9- HAUS FARGEN systems special desigend stream profile; allows the controlled collection and outward moving of water which is pouring out of the top cover.

10- HAUS FARGEN systems moving roofing is blackout membrane and weigh 850 g / m2, they feature waterproof, fire-proof and not flammable characteristics. The blackout membranes inner is covered with black film; with its opaqueness it also feautures heat-proof.

11-HAUS FARGEN moving roof rail systems are special aluminum alloy extrusion, inside it includes a mechanism of action and walking axle wheels with a specific texture, it does not need any additional steel or wood carrier. It includes mechanisms and does the carrier rail task. It also has a stylish appearance and an aesthetic design.

12 – HAUS FARGEN systems all contact parts and bolts are INOX stainless steel.